John’s Story
Career coaching is a relatively new concept in Hong Kong, which makes it difficult to define clearly. Let's use a case study of John to illustrate what we do.
Our relationship started with John 3 years ago after he came to one of our
interview workshop. In his freshman year, we helped him to understand different career options, laid out a 3 years plan and started to polish his interview skills. We also connected him with a top-tier consulting firm who was urgently looking for extra resource for one of the project teams. In his penultimate year, we provided support with his online applications, aptitude test, and interview preparation from various angles, e.g. background, career aspiration, competency, market awareness and technical skills etc. Finally, he successfully got a summer offer with a top-tier investment bank, followed by a return offer for full-time. He spent most of his final year helping other students with EntreNet. 

John is just one of the many students we helped. Every student has a unique story and a different demand of a highly customized advisory service. For instance, we worked with students who applied to different industries ranging from banking, consulting, accounting, legal, consumer product, hospitality etc. Some students came to us in the final months of their university lives. But there is one thing in common - We believe in a relationship driven business model so that we can guide them through the way to the dream career.