Is there a limit on coaching hours?

We want to spend as many hours as you can devote in career planning with you, therefore there is no upper limit on coaching hours. 

Is the coaching individual or group base? 

All coaching is 1 to 1. Meanwhile, there are also career workshops organized with CUHK, HKU and HKUST that students
can join and interact with other top students. 

What is the maximum capacity of students intake annually?

Our coaching model requires large amount of time invested into each individual student. Therefore the target number of students intake each year is around 50. 

Does EntreNet's service only focus in investment banking?

No, we are not only focusing in investment banking. We are working with students from all background, from Oxford to University of Hong Kong, from PhD to freshman, from Finance major to Political Science. Our core capability lies in the understanding of interviews and how to ace them, which is applicable to many job interviews.

Do I have to be physically present in Hong Kong?

Almost all of the students enroll in this service have overseas exchange experience. Moreover, we work with a small group of students pursuing a degree in overseas university with Hong Kong Citizenship. While they are not physically present in Hong Kong, we leveraged Skype, Google+ Hangouts and other telecommunication methods to conduct coaching, which has been proved as effective as if they are in Hong Kong.

When is the best time to join the program?

Ideally the best time to join the program is when you are at your penultimate year. With a longer time frame, the impact from coaching will be bigger. That said, most of the focus of the coaching lies in the interview preparation - what questions to expect in what kind of interviews and how to answer them. Therefore, about 40% of the students enrolled are final year students.

How to join the coaching program?

We only work with the right students: being willing to learn, taking career planning seriously, valuing long term relationship are the most important screening criteria for us. If you believe you have the right quality, please send your CV to for application to the coaching program. If you pass the initial CV screening, you will be invited to a phone interview. After the phone interview, you will be offered details about the coaching program and an opportunity to enroll.

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