Why coaching?

The first graduate job determines how fast one can develop a career path. A high-flyers’ job offer excellent learning and exposure as well as interaction with extraordinary people. There is an increasing divergence from an ordinary job as one accumulates experience. In terms of monetary reward, a high-flyers’ job with salary double the ordinary ones fresh out of university could easily become triple or quadruple in a few years time.

From our years of experience, we know that good interviewees usually walk in the room knowing most of the questions and how to position themselves. Bad interviewees struggle with most questions as if they do not foresee them coming. We also believe that local schools candidates are capable to get good jobs. They are smart with good language skills. The only thing they lack of is interview preparation with people who knows how to ace them.

We believe every student has potential to succeed, just that sometimes they need help from the others. Talking to the right people, picking the right career path, laying out a right plan, applying to the right firms, writing the right application essays, preparing the right interview questions, interviewing in a right manner and choosing the right offer are all part of what we help them to do. We know how to do this because we have been through the same path and help many others went through it. Moreover, having been on the other side of the table we know what employer wants.

How do we conduct 1 to 1 coaching?

Coaching includes everything that helps your career 
development. Major activities include career options analysis, CV planning, CV and Cover letter writing, application essay advisory, aptitude test support, interview Q&A preparation, mock interview, offer handling. For junior year students, we even help them to pick exchange schools and prepare for scholarship interviews. Coaching is conducted with a combination of audio and video conference as well as face-to-face meeting, depending on student's preference. Any question from students will be responded within 24 hours so that we will never miss an opportunity to the dream job.

We structure in a way such that there is a single point of contact for our students. Alex Wong, our full time coach, is devoting 100% of his time and effort to manage students' progress. We also have an extensive network in different industries who spare time from their busy work schedule to provide insight.

Career planning cannot be done in an hour, same to our service. We believe only through long term commitment to students' future can we help them to get good job offers. Moreover, we use a result-based fee simply because we believe in our service quality. Therefore, instead of charging by hours or a fixed amount, the cost of our service is only roughly the salary of the first month. Not only this fully align our incentive with students’, but also show our commitment and confidence to the service. Also, knowing that most students might not be able to afford the upfront investment, we only accept service fee after they got their salary.

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