Why CV Doctor?

CV is the first point of contact between a candidate and the employer. A good CV get you shortlisted for interview while an ordinary one can only attracts the eyeball of the CV screener for 5 seconds. We cannot emphasize more of its importance.

During the course of career development there are few moments that require major change or restructuring of CV. As freshman you need to create your first CV for resume book or exchange/scholarship application. As a senior student you need to polish your content in the hope of getting a job interview. As a career changing after graduation you need to translate your CV as a student to a CV of experienced professionals. 

We see three common mistakes from our past experience. First of all, some students or candidates clearly under-invest in their CV writing, which results in a very poor written CV which is immature in format, presentation and content. Secondly, even if students put in a lot of thought, some of them fall into the trap that they know their own personal history too well that they ignore details that are essential to understand the context. Lastly, lack of knowledge in specific job position often leads to wrong emphasis of experience.

How do we help?

For the CV Doctor service, we help you to present the best of yourself on CV. Just like a doctor should understand the patient, we emphasize in open discussion and complete understanding of the candidates.

In the 1 to 2 hours CV session, we help you to understand your key selling points, brainstorm the Wow Factor of each CV item, articulate the narrative presentation and polish the overall layout. In the process we ask you many questions on each experience, make sure we understand the big picture and details and find ways to present it impressively and precisely with the job requirement. The product of this interactive experience is a ready-to-go CV both in Word Doc and PDF format.

Standard rate starts at $1500 with a 20% discount for full-time undergraduate students. 

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