MBA Consulting

Having been away from the job market for years, it is natural for MBA students to feel the need for refreshing job hunting skills. How to present yourself on CV when you have much more experience than last time you applied for a job? How to answer difficult questions such as CV gap or justify your motivation of a career or location switch? 

MBA candidates with years of professional experience in doing their job well at times do not think deeply enough about how to present it to a potential interviewer. The way we help them is to guide them through a self-exploration process - Identifying key selling points, understanding target audience, articulating language to achieve 100% clarity in presentation etc. In short, we specialize in CV and interviews preparations.

For HKU, HKUST and CUHK MBA students, please contact your career office to arrange a consultation session. For UST MBA, you can also write to Due to overwhelming demand, currently we do not offer coaching to other business schools.