Why EntreNet Scholar?

Based on our experience, we realized when high school graduates and parents making one of the most important decisions in life they only based on limited information and biased expectation for the future 4 years in university. Moreover, when admission interviews are required, high school graduates often perform below expectation as they are not familiar with the process and the preparation required to impress the interview panel.

Building on the unique positions between high schools and universities, EntreNet Scholar has established an extensive network of university admission offices, professors and outstanding university students who has just been through the process not long ago. Together with the solid understanding about historical admission interviews and other interviews, we help high school graduates to succeed in university admission. 

How do we help?

Our current focus is to help Chinese high school graduates to excel in the Hong Kong universities admission interviews. Through a small student to teacher ratio, we train students by creating an interactive environment that allows extensive participation from students and instant feedback from teachers. Moreover, our teachers and curriculum are all made in Hong Kong, which ensure a deep understanding about university education in Hong Kong. Most importantly, we aim to create a closely-bonded community and continuous friendship through the interview training camp, details as below:

Length: 4 full-days Training
Venue: Chinese University of Hong Kong or University of Hong Kong
Accommodation: Provided on campus
Teacher-Student Ratio: 1 experienced interview coach to 4 current HKUST/CUHK/HKU students from China as tutors to 20 high school students
Date: Spring and Summer holiday 2013
Fee: To be determined
Application Method: email alex@entrenetcareers.com with name, school, email and phone number