Why UniMatch?

The most important decision a teenagers or their parents has to make is whether to study aboard or stay close to home. It is counter-intuitive that they often base the decision on a subjective expectation that they have full picture about both side of the world.

On the other hand, picking a major in university means choosing a general direction of career. High school students are often lack of information about what career a degree is going to lead to. Sometimes they rely on parents or family friends who established their careers in 70s and 80s. The job market landscape is very, very different nowadays.

UniMatch, a subsidiary of EntreNet, is established to address these issues by connecting high school students and their parents to any university student at their choice. Whether you are facing a choice between Harvard and Oxford, Law and Medicine, Hong Kong and United States, we find you students from specific universities and majors who recently made the same decision to offer first-hand experience.

How do we help?

We help high school students to make well-informed decision for university application by connecting you with university student of any major and school. Based on your situation, we will find the best university student who is just few years ahead of you and have gone through the same process recently.

1. Let us know the university, major and any other requirement as well as the hourly consultation fee that you are willing to pay
2. We find you the right person with proven background to speak to
3. You pay after each session

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